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      Creating an oasis within your home

      No matter how big or small your home is, finding a way to create an oasis within your outdoor space is a sure way to find peace and calm. As long as you utilise what you have, you can transform spaces of any size effectively.

      08 Sep 2020 2 MINUTE READ
      Trumpington Meadows 7

      House plants and succulents liven up the inside your home and require little effort in terms of maintenance. Pot plants are ideal if you have a Juliette balcony or no outdoor space at all, you can add extra character by getting bright or patterned ceramic pots to keep them in.  

      If you have a balcony or even a small garden, foliage provides the tranquillity you need to be able to relax. Taking care of your garden or balcony is a simple way to create an oasis to enjoy, this is particularly important in the summer.   

      Try to make use of all the space given to you – many of us ignore our garden walls and fences. If you have a bare wall - consider putting up a trellis and having roses, wisteria or honeysuckle. This will add fragrance and colour to your brick walls, enabling you to immerse yourself into nature and create your own oasis in the garden.  

      Having something eyecatching to focus on is a good way to add interest to the exterior of your home. Pot plants, trellis, and garden furniture provide a range of interest at different heights, making the outside of your home full of fascinating display pieces.   

      It is important to remember that your garden is an extension of your home and that it is important to utilise the outdoor space you have which reflects your personality.

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