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      Cambridge residents rank pubs as most important local amenity

      A recent survey has revealed that homebuyers in Cambridgeshire value being within walking distance to local amenities, with pubs coming out on top as most important.

      07 Jul 2020 2 MINUTE READ
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      Pubs are an integral part of the Great British community, more than one in two respondents said that living in walking distance of a pub was important to them. Pubs are renowned for being key features within rural villages, they provide entertainment, food, and drink – it is clear they contribute to the happiness and strength of the community. Being able to travel on foot makes local amenities accessible - a trip to the pub is made easier when at the end of a night you only have to stumble home.   

      The survey was conducted by Bidwells to better understand their clients and their desires when house hunting. The survey highlighted that being able to walk to local amenities appeared as a high priority to the majority of survey respondents.  

      The proximity of pubs influencing homebuyers may not seem ground-breaking, especially when looking at British culture. But surprisingly, when we asked how important local amenities were to Cambridgeshire residents they were all ranked highly. Two thirds of those who answered the survey ranked being able to walk to shops as important. Furthermore, 57 percent of responses ranked having a café close to their home as important or higher. Local amenities are popular assets within the community, enabling residents to be sociable and neighbourly. The survey conducted confirms that having services such as cafés, schools, and pubs in walking distance to where you live is a key requirement when deciding where best to move.  

      Alongside local amenities being near to your home, having your place of work close by also appeared to be significant. When asked how people in their home travelled to work, 24 percent of respondents said they walk, and 28 percent of responses said they cycle to work. The fact that such a high proportion of respondents actively travel to work confirms that there is a need to live within close proximity to their workplace.  

      The convenience of being within walking distance to work, pubs and shops makes local amenities valued assets within local communities. 

      Evidently, the results from Bidwells’ survey has cast a lens on what homeowners really consider to be important when looking for a home. 

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