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      How to make your home bright and light

      You’ve found your perfect home, it’s in a lovely location and has great garden. The only problem is that the rooms feel a little dark. Not enough natural light? No problem!

      06 Aug 2020 1 MINUTE READ

      Mirrors, soft furnishings, and lamps can help increase the light in your living room. Having a well-lit room and atmosphere to relax in is essential to maintain a good level of wellbeing, but also to create a serene and welcoming atmosphere for you and any guests. 

      Don’t give up on your dark room, mirrors might be your saving grace. In addition to bouncing the available light around your room and making your darker room appear lighter, mirrors can give you the illusion of a larger room. Use mirrors to your interior design advantage and use them to illuminate your room.  

      If you have the budget to redecorate and repaint your walls, be careful when picking out your colours. Avoid a décor disaster and paint a small area of the wall first to see how the colours change as the sun goes down and the room gets darker. Another key bit of advice when decorating your home is to try and avoid painting all of the walls in one room the same colour, as this can lead to the room appear smaller and dreary. The best way to avoid this is to pick one wall in your room to be a feature.  Having a feature wall doesn’t necessarily mean putting up rolls of bold wallpaper, by just painting one wall a slightly different shade of the same colour or even a completely different colour can create some additional depth within the décor.  

      Creating a cosy atmosphere through your choice of paint is challenging enough but harmonising this with your furniture and soft furnishings makes it even harder. Strike the right balance between the paint you pick for your walls and the soft furnishings you use to decorate your room. Choose colours that complement each other and help to add some warmth and brightness to your room.  

      Adding light doesn’t necessarily mean white, help to add some brightness to your room by utilising your soft furnishings. This is a chance to add some of your personality or a pop of a different colour to your living space. Adding some bright colour will elevate your room and achieve a lighter atmosphere.

      Don’t let the dark get you down, lighten up your day by lightening up your room. 

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