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      Schools and education matter to prospective homebuyers

      How close your home is to your children’s school is incredibly important when deciding where to move. Our recent survey showed us just how essential being within school catchment is to the residents of Cambridgeshire.

      05 Aug 2020 1 MINUTE READ

      Cambridge is a hub of excellence, it is home to Microsoft, Apple and Amazon’s Alexa. Excellence is everywhere you look. The majority of the city is owned by The University of Cambridge. Founded in 1209, The University of Cambridge is one of the world’s oldest universities and is a self-governed community of scholars.

      It prides itself on the pursuit of education, learning, and research. Cambridge is home to a range of excellent private and state schools, including Hills Road Sixth Form College, which is third best in the country for students obtaining a place at Oxbridge. There is no doubt that Cambridge is famous for education – and the results from our recent survey would suggest that education is a high priority for those who reside within idyllic Cambridgeshire. 

      It can be said that children are one of the biggest influences when moving home, children and the facilities they require can lead to you upsizing, downsizing or even relocating when they start different schools. In 2013, it was revealed that one in three professional parents in England deliberately moved to an area they considered to have good schools, with 18% moving into a specific catchment area. The information we collected in our recent survey supports the idea that education is extremely important to consider when moving to a new house, and might even be a motivator behind the move.  

      When conducting our survey, the respondents remained anonymous, so many might not have children to consider when moving home. This being said, when we asked respondents to select a non-negotiable feature of their home, 13% selected school catchment. Vitally, 64% of those we surveyed said that living within walking distance to a school was very important to them. Evidently, where your home sits in relation to nurseries, schools, and colleges is important to the majority of homebuyers.  

      Here at Bidwells, we understand the affect that moving house can have on your family as a whole. Moving house can be stressful for everyone, but the prospect of moving schools can deter children from looking forward to moving to a new home - when we really want to make it an exciting time for all.  

      If you want to make the process of moving home smooth for all of your family members by receiving well informed advice and help with your search for a new home, best talk to Bidwells.

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